Israeli occupation forces Palestinian to demolish a residential room – In Palestine Today

Israeli occupation forces Palestinian to demolish a residential room

Occupied Jerusalem (In Palestine Today)- On Saturday, the Israeli occupation authorities in occupied Jerusalem forced Hamza Mahmoud Abu Saloum to demolish his apartment room in the Al-Thawri neighborhood, south of the city.

Abu Saloum reported that the Israeli occupation forced him to demolish the 32-meter room, which was a place for his grandchildren to play with instead of going out to the street.

Earlier, the Israeli occupation municipality imposed two consecutive fines against Abu Saloum, and as a result of the many violations, he was forced to demolish the room for fear of renewing and doubling the violation.

The demolitions came under the pretext of the lack of a permit used by the Israeli occupation municipality to prevent the natural expansion of the Palestinians, restricting them and confiscating their lands to Judaize the Holy City and take full control of the land.

Since the Israeli occupation of the city in 1967, it has demolished more than 1,900 homes in Jerusalem, and has also followed a systematic racist aggressive policy towards Jerusalemites; With the aim of tightening control over Jerusalem, Judaizing it, and tightening the noose around its original inhabitants and that was through a series of arbitrary decisions and measures that affected all aspects of the daily life of Jerusalemites.

Among these measures, the Israeli occupation authorities demolished homes and facilities after placing many obstacles and obstacles in the way of issuing building permits for the benefit of Jerusalemites.

At a time when the Israeli occupation authorities are demolishing Palestinian homes, they are approving building permits for thousands of housing units in Israeli settlements built on Jerusalem lands.


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