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Facebook uses repressive actions to restrict the Palestinian content

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Sada Social sent a very strongly worded letter to the manager of Facebook’s Public Policy section in the Middle East, Nashwa Hussain, providing details on Facebook’s recently increased crackdown on the Palestinian content.

The letter was sent following Facebook’s targeting of several terms related to the Palestinian cause and censoring new terms on the social media website. An act, which subjected hundreds of Palestinian accounts and pages to different kinds of penalties. Some accounts and pages, which were created over 10 years ago, were closed.

Head of Sada Social, Iyad Rifa’i, said that Facebook administration has been recently exercising ex post facto censorship on users’ old posts. It imposes penalties on pages and accounts over terms used in old posts, which were published years ago.

The center urged Facebook’s Public Policy section to objectively view the Palestinian content and take into consideration that Palestinians have the right to use Facebook to express their opinions and beliefs like other users do.

The center stated that in addition to objection and reservation of censorship on specific terms, it also believes that it is unfair to enact new policies and prevent new terms in addition to retrospectively imposing penalties. Many users had previously no idea that using such terms would endanger their information and personal accounts.

Source: Quds News Network.

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