Israeli occupation arrested 5260 Palestinians in 2021 first half – In Palestine Today

Israeli occupation arrested 5260 Palestinians in 2021 first half

Occupied Palestine (In Palestine Today)- Palestine Center for studies said that Israeli authorities increased their arrests against native Palestinians, arresting 5260 citizens during the first half of 2021.

The head of the center, Riyadh Ishqeir, said that the Israeli authorities arrest Palestinians around the clock almost every day. During the first half of 2021, ‘Israel’ arrested 5260 citizens, including 92 women and 880 children under the age of 18. 43 children are even under the age of 12. The youngest of them are Mu’tasem Sabri, Aysar Musa, and Majd Kafyeh, who are all under the age of nine.

Israeli forces also arrested an elderly woman, who has been identified as Fatima Khader (65 years old). They also arrested girls, journalists, writers, and activists.

Israeli forces arrested political leaders and parliament members in addition to 20 candidates for the parliament. They also arrested 48 Palestinians, who are patients or with special needs.

Meanwhile, Israeli forces shot young me before arresting them in several incidents, in some of them the Israelis targeted teenagers.

Also, the center documented 115 arrests over posts on social media. some of them took place under administrative detention, without charges or trials.

The center documented 715 administrative detention orders that targeted all segments of society.

In the 1948-occupied territories, Israeli forces arrested nearly 2000 citizens. The arrests targeted children, women, and men.

Most detainees in the 1948-occupied cities got their freedom back after forcing them to pay fines.

In the occupied capital city, Israeli forces arrested nearly 1300 citizens, most of them are children.

In Gaza, Israeli forces arrested 35 Palestinians near the borders. they also arrested a 35-year-old woman while he was accompanying his wife for surgery.

Source: QNN

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