Israeli occupation orders Jerusalemite to demolish his house – In Palestine Today

Israeli occupation orders Jerusalemite to demolish his house

Occupied Jerusalem (In Palestine Today)- The Israeli occupation authorities on Friday ordered a Jerusalemite citizen to raze his house within three weeks in Silwan, Jerusalem.

Jerusalemite sources reported that the Israeli occupation authorities handed Mohammed Mahmoud Matar from the Ein al-Lawza area in Silwan a notice to demolish his home, where he, his wife, and five children live, within 21 days.

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The area of Silwan town’s land is 5,640 dunums, including 12 neighborhoods in which almost 58,500 Jerusalemites live. On the other hand, there are 78 settlement outposts in which 2,800 Jewish settlers live.

On October 25, 2017, the Israeli occupation authorities issued the Kaminitz Law imposing severe penalties on Jerusalemites, for alleged building violations. The penalties include paying high fines that may amount to hundreds of thousands or millions of shekels, stopping the use of the building or closing it, asking residents to evacuate their homes or shops, or issuing demolition orders against them.

Source: Days Of Palestine


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