Mauritanian chess player withdraws from Junior World Club to avoid playing with Israeli contestant

Nouakchott (In Palestine Today)- Mauritanian chess player Abdel Rahim Al-Talib Muhammad (14) refused to play with an Israeli competitor and decided to retire from the Junior World Cup in which he was competing for qualification after the draw placed him in the last round with a player representing the occupied Israeli entity, reported Al Quds Al Arabi.

“I decided to retire, because I refuse to play with a representative of a fictional country that in reality does not exist”, he said.

Abdul Rahim Al-Talib is ranked 47th out of 215 players in the world elite of chess for juniors.

The Mauritanian National League decided to welcome the retired young man and to honor him by awarding him.

“We salute our dear son Abdel Rahman Al-Talib Mohammed, this exceptional genius who honored our country and our people by declaring a boycott of the grim Zionist face”, Ghulam Al-Hajj, president of the league.

Source: QNN