Former Palestinian detainee wins gold GAMMA Asian – In Palestine Today

Former Palestinian detainee wins gold GAMMA Asian

Kyrgyzstan (In Palestine Today)- The former detainee in Israeli jails Yazan Jaber won the gold medal in the Asian Championship MMA athletes at the GAMMA ( Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts) Asian Championships 2021 after confronting Longtsukumba Ao from India today.

Jaber won in a three-round game. He had reached the finals after defeating Kazakhistan’s champion in the semi-finals yesterday.

Jaber is a former detainee from the Issawiyyeh neighborhood in occupied Jerusalem. He is also a student at Birzeit University.

Palestine has won a total of three medals in the championships, which are being held this year in Kyrgyzstan.

In the top five nations, Kazakhstan came first with 36 medals. It has been followed by Kyrgyzstan and India with 22 for each, then Palestine and Pakistan with three for each.

Source: QNN


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