The occupation forces break into Shuafat camp, tear gas at school students – In Palestine Today

The occupation forces break into Shuafat camp, tear gas at school students

Occupied Jerusalem (In Palestine Today)- On Saturday morning, the Israeli occupation forces fired poison gas bombs while students headed to their schools in Shuafat refugee camp, north of occupied Jerusalem.

Local sources reported that a large Israeli force stormed the Shuafat camp and fired sound and gas bombs at students and citizens’ homes.

They explained that several students and citizens suffocated due to inhaling the poisonous gas, and clashes erupted between the occupation forces and the youths.

Shuafat camp is constantly subjected to incursions by the Israeli occupation forces, arrest campaigns, confrontations, and repeated demolitions.

Shuafat camp – sometimes called Anata – is one of the camps established on an area of ​​approximately 200 dunums currently in the lands between the villages of Anata and Shuafat within the borders of occupied Jerusalem.

Shuafat camp suffers from many problems, especially the high population density, poor infrastructure and essential services, and the apartheid wall, which led to the closure of roads and the disruption and obstruction of the work of many residents.

Since the city’s occupation in 1967, the Israeli occupation has demolished nearly 2,000 homes in Jerusalem. It has also followed a systematic racist, aggressive policy towards Jerusalemites, aiming to tighten control over Jerusalem and Judaizing it, and tighten the screws on its original inhabitants; Through a series of arbitrary decisions and actions that affected all aspects of the daily lives of Jerusalemites.

Israeli occupation aims to tighten control over the city of Jerusalem, Judaize it and tighten the noose around its original inhabitants; And that was through a series of arbitrary decisions and measures that affected all aspects of the daily life of Jerusalemites.

Israeli occupation authorities seek to limit and reduce the Palestinian population presence in the city; It established a coercive system that restricted the granting of building permits and subjected them to a tight bureaucratic and functional ladder. It takes years before it reaches its final stages.

Source: Days Of Palestine


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