Palestinian ex-detainee Anhar has her baby – In Palestine Today

Palestinian ex-detainee Anhar has her baby

Occupied Palestine (In Palestine Today)- Palestinian ex-detainee Anhar al-Deek has her baby today, after being released of Israeli jails following a massive vigils and campaigns organized demanding the immediate release of her as she was in her ninth month.

Alaa, Anhar named her son who was born on Thursday outside the Israeli jails and among the family in his mother’s lap.

25-year-old Anhar, from Kafr Ni’ma town in Ramallah, was supposed to give birth while she is still held inside the Israeli jails and she needs proper medical care, as she suffers from bipolar depression and the occupation authorities also decided for her to have a C-Section surgery while she is handcuffed.

The occupation authorities, however, accepted to release her following international and local pressure, but with conditions: to pay 40-thousand-shekel bail (around USD 12,500) and house arrest in her family house, which is clearly an incomplete freedom.


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