Israeli occupation warplanes target several sites on Gaza – In Palestine Today

Israeli occupation warplanes target several sites on Gaza

Gaza (In Palestine Today)- The Israeli warplanes have carried out another overnight raid on Palestinian resistance positions in the besieged Gaza Strip after claiming a missile was launched from the Palestinian enclave.

Our correspondent said that the Israeli warplanes attacked a resistance site in the middle of the Gaza Strip with at least six highly explosive missiles.

“The Israeli warplanes also attacked a resistance post in the west of Khan Younis refugee camp south of the Gaza Strip,” He added.

The latest attack comes just months after the Israeli military launched an 11-day bombardment campaign on the already ravaged enclave, killing at least 260 Palestinians, including 66 children.

Today’s overnight raid was one of the dozens of times Israel carried out air attacks in Gaza since the May offensive, which ended in an Egyptian-brokered “ceasefire” on May 21.

Though Israel eased restrictions last month to allow some much-needed aid into the Palestinian enclave, it has maintained a 14-year crippling land, air, and sea blockade.

The UN has dubbed Gaza an “open-air prison” with residents enduring extreme poverty amid conditions that have worsened since the coronavirus pandemic.

Source: Days Of Palestine


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