Palestinian boycott movement calls for withdrawal from Expo 2020 Dubai

The Palestinian BDS National Committee calls on governments, companies, and artists to withdraw from "Expo Dubai 2020" and to pressure the UAE to end its support for "Israel’s" apartheid regime.

Occupied Palestine (In Palestine Today)- The Palestinian BDS National Committee renewed its call to boycott festivals and activities sponsored by the UAE at the “Dubai Expo 2020,” and to escalate global pressure on “the UAE dictatorship to end its support for Israel’s apartheid regime.”

Earlier, the committee demanded the Palestinian Authority to announce whether it’s participating in the Dubai Expo or not, dubbed the “The Dubai Expo of Normalization.”

It also stressed that any Palestinian or Arab participation in the Expo, which warmly celebrates an Israeli pavilion supervised by the Occupation Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the first time on Arab land, is considered an encouragement for official normalization between some Arab authoritarian regimes and the Israeli enemy.

The national committee pointed out that the Expo takes place in the context of a growing UAE-“Israel” military-security alliance.

It is worth mentioning that Human Rights Watch has considered that the UAE is using Dubai Expo 2020 to promote a “public image of openness that is at odds with the government’s efforts to prevent scrutiny of its rampant systemic human rights violations.”

Source: Palestine Online