100 Palestinian detainees serve more than 20 years in Israeli detention

Occupied Palestine (In Palestine Today)-Palestine Center for Prisoners’ Studies reported that 100 Palestinian prisoners spent more than 20 consecutive years in the Israeli occupation prisons.

It mentioned the prisoner Bahaa Masarweh has entered today his 21st year in the Israeli prisons.

Masarweh, 41, from Tulkarm, has been arrested since 2001, and was sentenced 35 years.

It noted that there are 13 prisoners that spend 3 decades in the Israeli prisoners. The oldest are Karim and Maher Younis, who have been in prison since 1983.

It also added that 36 prisoners have been arrested for 25 years. Among them are Nael Al-Barghouti who spent 41 years before being arrated. Hence, later on, he was arrested in 2014.

Also, there 25 prisoners who have been arrested from before Oslo Accord in 1994.

They were expected to be released in a prisoners’ exchange deal in 2013, but the occupation refused.

Source: Safa

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