Israeli occupation holds 10 political detainees in dignity-undermining conditions – In Palestine Today

Israeli occupation holds 10 political detainees in dignity-undermining conditions

Occupied Palestine (In Palestine Today)- Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association said that the occupation state is holding 19 political detainees in harsh and “dignity-undermining conditions” in isolated cells in the desert Negev prison.

Addameer’s attorney of the prisoner Nabeel Mughayyer said that the detainees are undergoing “very harsh and dignity-undermining” conditions, which include collective punishments and torture.

He added that the Israeli Prison Service (IPS) has been holding the prisoners in section 6 after taking away all their personal belongings. They have been held in cells that are not suitable for humans, since the Gilboa prison break.

He also said that the prisoners are completely disconnected from the world. They have not received any visitation by the Red Cross or any organizations except for Addameer’s attorney.

Mughayyer described the cells, in which they’re held, as being like a cave. The cells have traces of fire on the walls, ground, and beds. They also smell very bad and are poorly ventilated.

The IPS brings a blanket and a mattress for each prisoner every day after midnight but they take them away before sunrise. The detainees suffer from the cold weather, especially that they do not have clothes.

The windows of the cells are not covered with glass, which makes it easy for insects and small desert animals to get inside.

The cells have only one toilet and a sink, from which they drink water. If the detainees want to take a shower, they are handcuffed and taken outside.

Addameer said that the detainees are held in “unprecedented” unlawful conditions. They have not been taken to court nor accused of charges. No one of the IPS has contacted them and there is no time limitation for isolating them.

Source: QNN


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