Hunger-striking detainee Al-Qawasmi might die at any time – In Palestine Today

Hunger-striking detainee Al-Qawasmi might die at any time

Occupied Palestine (In Palestine Today)- Palestinian prisoner Miqdad Al-Qawasmi, who has been on hunger strike for 98 days, could die at any moment, his family has warned.

According to the Palestinian Information Centre, Muthanna Al-Qawasmi, Miqdad’s brother, affirmed that his brother suffers from blood poisoning and a serious deterioration in his health and could die at any moment.

Muthanna quoted doctors as warning that Miqdad may not survive longer than a few hours.

“We will not wait for Miqdad’s death. We call on the Palestinian resistance, national forces, international institutions, and all segments of our Palestinian people to save Miqdad’s life.”

Hamas member and MP Hassan Yousef called on the Palestinian people not to stand idly before Israeli violations against Palestinian hunger-striking prisoners.

“I call for a real uprising in all the occupied territories by all possible means to save our prisoners and holy sites”, he said.

He also called on media outlets to shed more light on the plight of Palestinian prisoners, especially those on hunger strikes.

The prisoners’ issue is a national and humanitarian cause, and everyone should take action and defend those who sacrificed their lives for the sake of the Palestinian cause, he added.

Six prisoners embarked on open-ended hunger strikes to protest being held on administrative detention, an Israeli policy that allows detaining Palestinians indefinitely based on “secret information”, without pressing formal charges or putting them on trial.

Source: Middle East Monitor


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