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Sheikh Jarrah residents refuse to pay rent to settler groups

Occupied Jerusalem (In Palestine Today)- The families of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood have issued a joint statement, stressing their refusal of a proposal by the Israeli Supreme Court, which disposes them of their houses in favour of an Israeli settlement organization.

The families stressed that they have rejected the Israeli proposal, which renders them to ‘protected tenants’.

“We stand firm in our refusal to compromise on our rights despite the lack of institutional guarantees that would protect our presence as Palestinians in occupied Jerusalem”, the statement read.

“The Israeli judiciary is circumventing its duty to adjudicate the case and is forcing us instead to choose between our own dispossession or submitting to an oppressive agreement. Naturally, we refuse to commit someone else’s crimes.”

In 1956, the 28 refugee families who lost their homes during the Nakba reached an agreement with the Jordanian Ministry of Construction and Development and the UN refugee agency UNRWA to provide housing for them in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.

At that time, the West Bank was under Jordanian rule (1951-1967).

According to the Civic Coalition for Palestinian Rights in Jerusalem (CCPRJ), the Jordanian government provided the land while UNRWA covered the cost for constructing 28 homes for these families.

This, however, was interrupted by the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, including Jerusalem, in 1967 which prevented the registration of the houses under the names of families.

Source: QNN


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