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NGO: 50 violations against Palestinian content during October 2021

Occupied Palestine (In Palestine)- Sada Social Center, a Palestinian digital rights organisation specializes in protecting Palestinian narratives on social media platforms, documented almost 50 violations and restrictions against Palestinian content during October 2021.

Sada Social said that these violations and restrictions were distributed among the majority of global social media platforms and mainly affected the content and accounts that dealt with the Palestinian situation and the ongoing violations of the Israeli occupation.

The Center also recorded that the Twitter administration resorted to restricting and prosecuting accounts of international activists who provided content supportive of Palestinian rights, which considered aligning with the Israeli narrative and pressure to prevent any narrative that supports the Palestinian rights, and a continuation of the policy of double standards.

The violations also varied between the complete ban and suspension of some features, the complete closure of accounts or pages, or the restriction of publications or lives and lowering reach levels.

The violation also included Tik Tok’s banning of videos about Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails, claiming the vidoes are “dangerous and terrorist materials.”

In 2020 only, the Center documented 1200 violations against Palestinian content, including 25 on Instagram, 10 on YouTube, 801 on Facebook, and 276 on Twitter.

It is noteworthy that Sada Social Center is a voluntary youth initiative launched in 2017 to protect Palestinian digital content.

Source: QNN


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