Israeli forces brutally attack Palestinians and houses in Hebron – In Palestine Today

Israeli forces brutally attack Palestinians and houses in Hebron

Hebron (In Palestine)- Israeli occupation forces raided the Palestinian village of At-Tuwani, east of Masafer Yatta in Hebron, searched residents houses and brutally beat a woman, in the early morning hours of Friday.

Local sources said the occupation forces earlier today raided the village of At-Tuwani and searched Palestinian residents houses, turning them upside-down.

The forces also brutally attacked and beat a Palestinian woman in the At-Tuwani village, causing her fractures and bruises in the foot.

The At-Tuwani village, east of Masafer Yatta which is also known as the South Hebron Hills, is surrounded by several illegal Israeli settlements: Ma’on settlement (northeast), Havat Ma’on outpost (east), and Avigail outpost (southwest).

At-Tuwani residents primarily draw their income from subsistence farming.

At-Tuwani serves as a gateway for other villages in the region to Yatta, the main urban center for the area, and as a civic and social hub for the area because of the elementary school, medical clinic, women’s cooperative, and mosque there.

Masafer Yatta is one of the most remote and sparsely populated areas of the occupied West Bank – completely in Area C, and under full Israeli military and civil control.

Seventeen small Palestinian villages are included in the area with a population of approximately 1,100.

Israeli settlers began constructing settlements in the area in the 1980s and there are now more than a dozen settlements and outposts there, as well as Israeli military installations.

Residents of At-Tuwani and surrounding villages nonviolently resist Israeli settler violence and military occupation, by continuing to live on and work their land.

Source: QNN


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