Israeli Regime Forces Tear Down 8 Palestinian-Owned Structures In Occupied Jerusalem – In Palestine Today

Israeli Regime Forces Tear Down 8 Palestinian-Owned Structures In Occupied Jerusalem

Israeli occupation forces carried a number of punitive commercial stores demolitions today in the occupied Jerusalem

Occupied Jerusalem (In Palestine Today)- Israeli regime forces carried out a demolition process against 8 Palestinian-owned commercial stores in the Al-Ram area in the occupied city of Jerusalem.

The Israeli occupation bulldozers invaded into Al-Ram town started the demolition order and tore down 8 Palestinian structures, pre-dawn today.

According to WAFA correspondent, Israeli bulldozers demolished a supermarket, a vegetable shop, and a gas station on the West Bank side of the checkpoint.

Al-Ram town is a Palestinian town that lies northeast of Jerusalem, and it is 8 km away from its center.

The city has an important geographical location because it constitutes a regional center for 44 cities linking the north and the center of the West Bank, towns and villages in the governorate of Jerusalem, and has a significant number of governmental and development institutions.

Israeli occupation’s demolition became part of Palestinian daily life in favor of Israeli settlers and expanding newly settlement units.

International law prohibits the destruction of property in occupied territories, according to article 53 of the Fourth Geneva Convention.

Meanwhile, a staff of the Israeli occupation municipality assaults Palestinian women at Salaheddin Street in occupied Jerusalem and attempts to confiscate their belongings.

Source: Palestine Online

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