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91 Violations Documented Against Palestinian Content In November

Occupied Palestine (In Palestine Today)- Social media platforms have committed 91 violations against Palestinian content in November only as documented by Sada Social, the watchdog said today.

The watchdog described November as the worst in regard to social media violations against pro-Palestine content.

It also noted that Meta has continued its crackdown on pro-Palestine content and pages.

“The Meta company is still dealing with Palestinian content upon the Israeli dictates, besieging Palestinian terminology and narrative, and restricting media platforms for covering the events on the ground through their accounts”, it said.

According to Sada Social, Meta’s Facebook platform banned and restricted over 65 accounts, while its Instagram platform committed 17 violations against Palestinian content.

The accounts, which were targeted were mostly news accounts and pages. Sada Social’s report mentioned Maydan Al Quds and Al Qastal’s pages, which were both removed from Facebook due to their coverage of Jerusalem’s resistance operation by Fadi Abu Shkeidem.

The watchdog also documented five violations on Twitter, three on Tik Tok, and one on YouTube.

In one year only, Facebook removed over 350 Palestinian pages while at the same time kept thousands of Israeli pages, which incited Arabs. The company has officially acknowledged that it accepts 90% of requests by the Israeli government to remove Palestinian accounts and pages. The Israeli minister, who is responsible for communication with Meta, has been known for racist anti-Palestinian comments, calling for the elimination of Palestinian mothers and children.

A report by The Intercept revealed that Facebook has a secret blacklist, upon which its algorithms depend in censoring content. The blacklist includes dozens of Palestinian figures and organizations and zero Israeli targets.

Also, an investigation by Human Rights Watch stated that Facebook and Instagram repressed Palestinian content, including documentation of Israeli human rights violations, during the Israeli crackdown on native Palestinians in May this year. The investigation pushed Facebook to promise that it will allow an independent body to launch an investigation into content moderation of Arabic and Hebrew posts, however, its policy has not changed.

Source: QNN