‘Israel’ closes entrances of Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood – In Palestine Today

‘Israel’ closes entrances of Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood

Occupied Jerusalem (In Palestie Today)- The Israeli police closed all entrances to the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood to secure a provocative march by Israeli settlers in the area today.

Local sources said the Israeli police have been trying to empty the neighborhood of activists. Policemen have deployed in the area.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center said that Israeli forces are stationed at the entrances to the neighborhood and they are carrying ID searches to expel activists, who do not live in the neighborhood.

A stabbing attack was carried out today near the neighborhood, leaving one settler with medium wounds.

Following the operation, Israeli forces carried out a random arrest campaign targeting women. Local sources said Israeli police and Shin Bet members stormed a school in the neighborhood and arrested two girls, a teacher, and the principal, claiming that one of the students carried out the stabbing attack.

Al Qastal reported that Israeli forces vandalized the school’s properties. Lubna Abidi, a teacher in the school told Al Qastal that the students freaked out.

“The Israeli forces ordered us to force all girls to stand in the courtyard so that they search them. They arrested two students who are sisters in addition to the principal Fatima Al Rifa’i and the school’s social mentor.”

Al Qasatal added that an Israeli force arrested the mother of a student, who they claim that she carried out the stabbing attack.

Source: QNN