In 4 days, ‘Israel’ killed two Palestinians in Nablus – In Palestine Today

In 4 days, ‘Israel’ killed two Palestinians in Nablus

Nablus (In Palestine Today)- Israeli occupation forces shot dead two Palestinians, in four days only, in the occupied West Bank city of Nablus, both of the two martyrs called Jameel and were shot in the head.

On 10 December, 21-year-old Jameel Abu Ayyash was shot dead directly with a live bullet in his head by the Israeli occupation forces during the weekly protest in Beita against Israel’s settlement expansion. That day, the Israeli forces wounded over 60 others and prevented ambulances from reaching them.

On 13 December, 31-year-old Jameel al-Kayyal was shot dead in the head by the Israeli occupation forces live bullets during a night raid on the Ras Al-Ain area and he was left bleeding in the street. During the night raid, the occupation forces injured five others after running over them by their military jeep and arrested another Palestinian.

The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights said in a report on Sunday that the killing of Abu Ayyash was a result of the excessive use of force by the Israeli occupation forces, amounting to a war crime.

The PCHR nothed the forces targeted Abu Ayyash in the head at a close range of 50 meters, without any justification or posing threat to the soldiers’ lives, which, according to the report, proves unjustifiable lenient shooting standards in the Israeli army in disregard of Palestinian civilians’ lives.

Source: QNN