Israeli Regime Forces Block Entrance To Hizma Town – In Palestine Today

Israeli Regime Forces Block Entrance To Hizma Town

Occupied Palestine (In Palestine Today)- Israeli Occupation Forces keeps on sealing of the entrances of Hizma town; more specifically the eastern and the western ones. The closure is maintained through cement and roadblocks that hinder the movement of the town’s residents.

A massive force from the Israeli occupation army raided Hizma town and obliged shops owners to close while another unit of the army sealed off the western and eastern entrances of the town via roadblocks. As a result, 9000 people got isolated from their Palestinian periphery.

It should be marked that such closure occurred many times as a collective punishment on the residents of the town to strike their economic status.

Noteworthy, the closure was enforced via roadblocks and earth mounds. Such closures are implemented on to harass the Palestinians.

Source: Days Of Palestine