Israeli Regime Forces Broke Into 403 Palestinian Homes During November – In Palestine Today

Israeli Regime Forces Broke Into 403 Palestinian Homes During November

Occupied West Bank (In Palestine Today)- The Israeli occupation forces stormed 403 Palestinian houses in the West Bank last month, an official Jordanian source revealed on Tuesday.

A monthly report, issued by the Department of Palestinian Affairs in the Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, revealed that 276 military checkpoints were erected in the West Bank over the past month.

The report also indicated that the Israeli forces “practiced systematic violations against Islamic and Christian sites in the occupied Palestinian territories.”

According to the report, 3,857 Jewish settlers stormed Al-Aqsa Mosque during November, during the so-called “Feast of Hanukkah” or “Feast of Lights”.

Five Palestinians were killed by Israeli gunfire in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, while 123 others were injured.

The report also documented the arrest of 407 Palestinians, 299 from the West Bank, 10 from the Gaza Strip, and 98 from Jerusalem.

22 Palestinian homes and facilities were also demolished during November in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

Meanwhile, Israeli occupation authorities approved the establishment of 11,000 new settlement units.

Hundreds of dunums were also appropriated or bulldozed, while 545 trees were uprooted.

In conclusion, the report stressed the Jordanian position in support of the Palestinian rights in face of the Israeli escalated violations.

Source: Days Of Palestine