384 Violations Committed By ‘Israel’ Against Palestinian Journalists over The Past Year – In Palestine Today

384 Violations Committed By ‘Israel’ Against Palestinian Journalists over The Past Year

Occupied Palestine (In Palestine Today)- The Year 2021 witnessed a number of Israeli violations against Palestinian journalists as 384 violations were recorded, including one martyr, and hundreds of injuries, according to Wafa News Agency.

Wafa News, in its annual report, stated that the Israeli occupation forces practice the most brutal ways against journalists in Gaza Strip, occupied Jerusalem and West Bank, in terms of the Israeli systematical policy to discourage their giving testimony and reporting Israeli crimes against Palestinian people.

The occupation forces continue targeting Palestinian journalists, shooting them with rubble, firing them with tear gas, assaulting them brutally, and arresting them in an attempt to silence the voice of the truth. That is a kind of sterilizations policy that the Israeli occupation keeps up to follow to cover its crimes against Palestinian civilians, Wafa added.

Wafa made it clear that targeting Palestinian journalists with warplanes, the bombing of press institutions and destroying tours, which include local and international media headquarters, are not without precedent but a systematic approach was being carried out in Israel’s military strategy. Israeli attacks of journalists are barbaric behavior to compromise the safety of the press in order to prevent them from reporting the truth.

Wafa news stressed that to stop Israeli crimes amid the escalation of such violations against Palestinian journalists and photographers, the international law institutions, associations, and press unions must take serious actions by organizing international campaigns to support Palestinian journalists in confronting the daily violations against them.

The report also points out that 384 violations against Palestinian journalists had been recorded over the last year, including one martyr, journalist Yousef Abu Hussain, after his house was bombed by two Israeli rockets in the northern Gaza City neighborhood of Sheikh Radwan. He was founded under the rubble.


Overall of 196 Palestinian journalists had been injured by warplanes, rubber bullets, and tear gas canisters

119 Palestinian journalists were detained by the Israeli occupation, while 68 cases of destruction of media stations, attacks on institutions, and press equipment were reported.

Wafa reported that January recorded 36 violations, in February 14 violations, in March 13 violations, in April 25 violations and in May 153 violations.

The report stated that there are 12 violations against journalists recorded in the last December. On 3-12-2021, the Palestinian journalist Shadi Jararaa,  Palestinian television photographer, had been sustained a gunshot while covering up Israeli repression of Palestinian during the weekly settlement march on Jabal Sabih, in the town of Beta, south of Nablus, in the north of the West Bank.

On 14-12-2021, Israeli regime forces wounded the Palestinian journalist Moath Weshha while covering soldiers’ raiding the Birzeit campus.

On 20-12-2021, Israeli occupation forces handed over two Palestinian journalists, from AL-Khalil, a summons for interrogation.

On 26-12-2021, an Israeli settler shot fire towards journalists Saja AL-Alami and Moatasem Saqef while covering the events in the town of Sebastia, northwest of Nablus.

Wafa has condemned Israeli violations committed daily against journalists and media institutions in the occupied Palestinian territory.

Palestinian journalists play a prominent role in covering up Palestinians’ suffering and what they’re exposed to under the military occupation power, Wafa commended. It also urged the journalists to be cautious in conveying their lofty message in exposing Israeli crimes and violations.

Source: Palestine Online