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Israeli tourists steal items at Dubai airport

Dubai (In Palestine Today)- Three Israeli tourists were reportedly detained in Dubai last week, after being caught stealing items at a Dubai airport, including expensive bottles of alcohol, chocolate and a gold-plated iPhone, Israeli media reported.

The three Israeli tourists were recently detained in Dubai, after being caught stealing products from duty-free shops, including expensive alcohol bottles, expensive chocolate packages and even a gold-plated iPhone, according to a report published last Monday by Israeli channel 12, as The Jerusalem post reported.

It also reported that another Israeli was arrested and questioned on suspicion of involvement in a separate drug and theft-related crime.

The three Israelis were required to provide explanations regarding the thefts and then pay a fine of several thousand UAE dirhams (100 Dhs = $27), and only after that were they allowed to board a return flight to ‘Israel’.

This is not the first time Israeli tourists were reportedly caught stealing items and products in Dubai.

In 2020, it was reported that Israeli tourists were stealing items from hotel rooms in Dubai.

An Israeli businessman told Israel’s Yediot Aharonot in December 2020, “I have been visiting the UAE for many years and do business there, and last month I arrived at the usual hotel I was staying in and I was horrified when I found in the lobby of the hotel Israelis whose bags were opened before checking out to look for stolen items from the rooms.”

The businessman added, “I saw a group of young men who had stacked towels and a kettle in their bags, and a lamp was found in another Israeli tourist’s bag in the same hotel, the price of which did not exceed a few shekels.”

The manager of a hotel overlooking the Burj Khalifa said, “We host hundreds of tourists from all countries of the world, some of them create problems, but we have not seen items stolen before.”

He added to the newspaper, “Recently we have seen Israeli tourists come to the hotel and pile up all their bags in their bags, stealing towels, tea and coffee bags and even lamps.”

He continued, “One time an Israeli family came with two children to check-out, and we discovered that things were missing in the room, and when the hotel staff tried to tell them that things in the room in which they were staying were missing, they started screaming.”

He added, “After the conversation, they finally agreed to open their bag and we discovered that they had ice containers, hangers, and face towels. After we told them that we would inform the police, they decided to return the things and apologized.”

Not only stealing, but also smuggling drugs, as dozens of Israelis who travelled to Dubai to celebrate the New Year of 2021 smuggled hashish and marijuana into Dubai.

“All we did was to smuggle some hashish and marijuana for celebrating Sylvester and getting high. It isn’t cocaine, it’s light drugs. I don’t believe that we’ll get in trouble. A death sentence? for a few hundred grams in our suitcases? We only smoke in our hotel room,” one of the Israelis who smuggled light drugs into Dubai told Israeli Channel 12 that time.

Source: QNN