Israeli occupation forces brutally attack Palestinians in Al-Naqab – In Palestine Today

Israeli occupation forces brutally attack Palestinians in Al-Naqab

Al-Naqab (In Palestine Today)- Al Mayadeen correspondent in occupied Palestine reported that Palestinian youths in Al-Naqab continued to resist Israeli occupation forces’ brutal attacks until midnight, most notably in the villages of Tel Al-Sabaa and Shaqib Al-Salam.

Palestinian youths confronted the Israeli assaults and retaliated against the aggression by trying to storm the occupation police station in the area.

Simultaneously, the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) brutally attacked a peaceful demonstration, injuring dozens of Palestinians and arresting others at Saawa – Al-Atrash junction in Al-Naqab.

Occupation aims at uprooting Palestinians
Al Mayadeen correspondent reported Thursday that the Israeli occupation suppressed and attempted to disperse Palestinian protests against the bulldozing of indigenous lands in Al-Naqab through violent means, such as using stun grenades, tear gas, rubber bullets, and water cannons.

Protests in Al-Naqab were renewed on the evening of Wednesday after Israeli bulldozers started destroying infrastructure earlier in the day. Israeli machines bulldozed lands belonging to the Al-Atrash family, near the village of Saawa in Al-Naqab.

The destruction took place under the massive protection of Israeli occupation forces. The atmosphere was tense as attacks and prolonged campaigns of arrests swept the region: 46 people were arrested in two days only.

The Israeli occupation’s machinery had broken into Saawa village and bulldozed part of its lands in preparation for a takeover after Palestinians confronted them.

Source: Al Mayadeen