Hamas warns of Israeli attacks in Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood – In Palestine Today

Hamas warns of Israeli attacks in Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood

Occupied Jerusalem (In Palestine Today)- Hamas’s spokesperson in occupied Jerusalem, Muhammad Hamadeh, has warned of an aggressive response towards Israeli attacks taken in Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood.

In a statement issued on Sunday, the spokesperson said that the “settlers’ aggression, headed by Ben-Gvir, against our people in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood, is a blatant aggression and a play with fire that can flare up the area.”

He warned ‘Israel’ against resuming its activity in Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood and called on Palestinians to support the struggle, saying “all of Palestine will burn because of Jerusalem.”

Hamadeh also said that all West Bank villages and cities will turn into a space of confrontation with the occupation and the settlers.

Last night, a group of Israeli settlers, backed by Israeli forces, stormed the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood and assaulted residents and their homes.

Local sources said dozens of Israeli settlers, under the occupation forces’ protection, attacked residents of the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood and threw stones at their homes and objects. The settlers also smashed the windows of several of the residents’ vehicles.

The occupation forces also attacked the residents, including the family of Salem, who is facing Israel’s threat of forced displacement of their home in the neighbourhood, by spraying pepper gas in their faces and firing sound bombs, tear gas canisters, and rubber-coated metal bullets, resulting in the suffocation of some of them while others sustained burns, including elderly people, women and children.

Some of the youths were also injured by sound bombs shrapnel.

This came hours after Ben-Gvir announced that he’s considering opening a makeshift office in the neighbourhood, claiming such a move came in solidarity with the settlers there and to decry the lack of police protection that they receive.

Earlier on Sunday, the settlers stormed the neighbourhood and set up a tent on the lands of the Salem family.

Hours later, Ben-Gvir arrived in the area, opening his office there.

Sheikh Jarrah has become a flashpoint over the past year, as the Israeli occupation government has tried to forcibly displaced multiple families last May from the neighbourhood in order to make way for Israeli settlers.

The events had led to widespread protests in the occupied Palestinian territories and a large-scale military operation in the besieged Gaza Strip.

Source: QNN