Israeli occupation demolishes Palestine prisoner’s family home – In Palestine Today

Israeli occupation demolishes Palestine prisoner’s family home

Jenin (In Palestine Today)- Israeli occupation forces, early at dawn, destroyed the home of Palestinian prisoner Omar Jaradat in Silat Al-Harthiyeh, west of Jenin.

Wafa News Agency reported sources saying that an army unit raided the town of Silat Al-Harthiyeh and carried out the demolition of the family home of Jaradat.

Jaradat is a prisoner who has been enduring harsh interrogation and detention conditions over the accusation of killing an Israeli settler last December.

Witnesses reported by Wafa said the Israeli occupation army demolished the house’s walls, making it unsafe for living.

Jaradat’s house is the fourth of the same family the Israeli occupation army has demolished as a collective punitive measure for allegedly taking part in the killing of the settler.

Three Palestinians were also injured by live bullets during protests against the Israeli occupation forces as they carried out the demolitions.

Source: MEMO


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