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“Israel” launches massive arrests in the occupied Palestinian territories

Ramallah (QNN)- Palestine Prisoners Centre for Studies revealed on Sunday that it documented over 190 arrests in Jerusalem last month.
Riyadh Al Ashqar, spokesperson of the centre, said that usually most arrests take place in Jerusalem in comparison with other cities. One third of the total arrests took place in the holy city, which indicates the Israeli obvious targeting of the Palestinians in occupied Jerusalem.
Al Ashqar stated that the occupation state continued to target Palestinian women in Jerusalem; 12 women have been arrested last month including worshipers from the Al Aqsa mosque like Aida Seidawi, Madeline Issa, and Hanadi Halawani.
Lawyer Farah Bayadseh and human rights activist Sabrin Dyab were also arrested while participating in a vigil in solidarity with prisoners. Journalists Maisaa Abu Ghazaleh and Sondos Oweis were summoned as well for interrogation.
Children of Jerusalem were also targeted. 25% of the total arrests were against children. Israeli authorities arrested 44 children, 5 of them are under the age of 12. The youngest of those who were arrested is Muhab Mustafa (8 years old).
Al Ashqar stated that Israeli soldiers arrested the wounded child Muhammad Sabah (16 years old), who was shot by the soldiers under the pretext of trying to stab them. Sabah was left to bleed without providing any medical care before being searched and sent to hospital.
Firas Hallaq (26 years old) was also arrested after being shot when he was driving near the Am’ari refugee camp. Hallaq was arrested for two weeks despite of his injury.
Israeli courts issued last month 33 expulsion orders against Palestinians, who were expelled from the Al Aqsa mosque or the old city. An expulsion order was issued against Sheikh of Al Aqsa mosque Ismael Nawahdah, who was arrested at Qalandiya military checkpoint.

Source: QNN


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