From Gaza to World: Save Gaza

Hello, World from the ever bleeding Gaza, the most densely populated area in the world, the biggest open-air prison in the whole world!

Today morning, out of nowhere, Israel attacked a civilian home belonging to Islamic Jihad leader Bahaa Abu-Alata and I mean it when I said a civilian home because in that home a family was containing a husband and a wife and their children.

Without mercy, Israel attacked that home the father and the mother and left their children injured and also one of the neighbors affected.

The thing that is shame on Israel and the world; the whole world because it keeps silence; they are seeing and watch the Israeli crimes and take no actions against such crimes.

Why did Israel attack a civilian home located in a very densely populated area?!

The answer that it’s the policy of Israel which means killing.

Israel keeps killing us; Israel keeps oppressing us without any mercy!

In 2012, Israel did use the same crime against the Palestinian Hamas leader Ahmad Al-Ja’bri, the crime of assassination and that led to war left dozens of victims between deaths and injuries.

Israel means through this crime to have a new war against Gaza Strip.

I and my people are calling upon the International community to take immediate action against such crimes committed by Israel against us.

  • (Source: Gazan Youth Voice)
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