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Arab League demands international protection for Aqsa Mosque

The Arab League has called on the international community to necessarily shoulder its responsibility towards Palestine and provide protection for the Aqsa Mosque against Israel’s aggression.

In a statement, Sa’eid Abu Ali, Arab League assistant secretary-general for Palestine affairs and occupied Arab territories, stressed the urgent need to enforce rules of international law and relevant UN resolutions in order to put an end to Israel’s disregard for international legitimacy and justice.

Abu Ali noted that the continued absence of international justice would encourage the Israeli occupation to persist in its crimes and kill any chance to achieve just peace in the region.

Recalling the Israeli arson attack on the Aqsa Mosque that happened 50 years ago, the Arab League official said that this Israeli crime continues to take place and target the rights and holy sites of the Palestinian people and the Arab and Muslim nations, with support from the US administration.

_The Palestinian Information Center.

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