“Our kids are our world,” a Palestinian teacher states – In Palestine Today

“Our kids are our world,” a Palestinian teacher states

Hala Shaheen, a Palestinian teacher from Gaza, shares her experience with her students at school

I just love teaching kids. I love their innocence. I love how they say whatever they think of. I love how simple they view life. I love how little things make them excited, even when it sounds silly to our ‘old minds’.

I love them because they also make me feel good. You cannot imagine the amount of safety and assurance I feel when one of those kids hugs me or just gives me a short embrace. I know that I should be the one who offers them safety. The one who should assure them that all is gonna be fine, but I choose to be selfish and feel like this.

Today was our first day going to school after the bombing that took place just opposite our school. I went with a clear mindset. I wanted today to be a day where we recharge our students’ energy. I wanted today to be a day where we start anew. A day where they finally get to forget the past three horrifying days.

Taken November 17, 2019

We started the day as usual with morning exercises before dismissing them to their classes. We spent the whole day singing, painting and having fun. I was just praying that none of these kids was closely hurt or has a family member who was.

The daughter of the man who was killed due to the bombing actually goes to our school. I cannot even begin to imagine how excruciating this is going to be for her.

Will a day off from studying make them forget? Make them mentally heal?

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