Canada is pro-Palestine now after a long time of supporting “Israel” – In Palestine Today

Canada is pro-Palestine now after a long time of supporting “Israel”


(Source: Middle East Monitor)

The Trudeau government yesterday backed a resolution to support the right of self-determination of the Palestinian people adopted by the UN General Assembly during a session of the Third Committee.

The resolution was put forward by the State of Palestine, North Korea, Zimbabwe and others and calls for a “just, lasting and comprehensive peace settlement” to the Israel-Palestine conflict, and explicitly refers to contested lands between the two countries as “Occupied Palestinian Territories.”

The vote comes after the US’ announcement that it no longer considers Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem as illegal, reversing decades of US foreign policy.

Yesterday’s resolution entitled “The right of the Palestinian people to self-determination” was opposed by Israel, the US and five Pacific island nations: the Marshall Islands, Nauru and the Federated States of Micronesia.

Canada and the Palestinians: Out of Balance

A total of 164 countries voted in favour, including the UK and Germany.

A spokesperson for the Canadian Foreign Ministry Krystyna Dodd told the Israeli Times: “Canada is committed to the goal of a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in the Middle East, including the creation of a Palestinian state living side by side in peace and security with Israel.”

“At a time when it is increasingly under threat, it is important for Canada to underscore our firm commitment to a two-state solution.”

Timmins-James Bay NDP Member of Parliament Charlie Angus supported the move and congratulated Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for recognising the rights of Palestinians by opposing the illegal settlements.

Charlie Angus NDP


I congratulate Prime Minister @JustinTrudeau on ensuring that Canada’s vote at the UN recognized the rights of Palestinians.
Canada should be working for peace between Israel and Palestine.
This must include opposing the illegal settlements. 

Canada reverses UN stance on Palestinians in break with U.S. over settlements | CBC News

Canada has reversed its recent voting history at the UN in an annual vote on Palestinians’ right to self-determination, switching from a No to a Yes – one day after U.S. Secretary of State Mike…

Canada has regularly voting against or abstained on resolutions that support Palestinians, including resolutions on Palestinian self-determination, sovereignty over natural resources and the illegality of Israeli settlements.

In November last year, Canada joined a tiny minority of states, including Israel, the US, Australia and the Marshall Islands to vote “no” against a UN General Assembly (UNGA) resolution titled, “Peaceful Settlement on the Question of Palestine.”

Pro-Israel groups expressed disappointment towards Canada’s new manoeuvre claiming it was a betrayal of more than ten years of strong support.

Hillel Neuer, founding chairman of the Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy, said Trudeau is “trading Canada’s bedrock principles of fairness and equality for a UN Security Council seat,” and said Canada had “joined the jackals”.

Hillel Neuer


The vote change is dramatic. If it wanted to shift, Trudeau’s government could have moved from a No, as it voted last year with U.S., to an Abstain, as Australia voted today. Instead, they jumped all the way to a Yes—for the first time in years and breaking bi-partisan tradition.

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Hillel Neuer


Trudeau is trading Canada’s bedrock principles of fairness & equality for a UN Security Council seat. By voting for a resolution co-sponsored by North Korea & Zimbabwe, he has entered a Faustian bargain with dictatorships that does not bode well for a free & democratic society.

Hillel Neuer


SHAME: 🇨🇦 Canada joins the jackals, votes for anti-Israel resolution co-sponsored by North Korea, Zimbabwe & the PLO. Resolution condemns Israel for “occupying” Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem & holiest sites of Judaism. Ignores hundreds of Palestinian rockets just fired at Israelis.


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