The University of Cape Town’s senate voted in favor of an academic boycott of “Israel” – In Palestine Today

The University of Cape Town’s senate voted in favor of an academic boycott of “Israel”

SAJBD: We are also encouraged that UCT academics have taken a stance against this BDS inspired resolution


Africa’s top university, the University of Cape Town (UCT), has rescinded a motion for a full academic boycott of Israel.

In a statement to The Jerusalem Post, South African Jewish Board of Deputies (SAJBD) national director Wendy Kahn confirmed that the decision had been made on Friday afternoon.
She congratulated UCT on “the firm stance” they took against academic boycotts at their Senate meeting on Friday afternoon.

Kahn said that the university has “sent a resounding message of their commitment to academic freedom.”

In March, the university’s senate, which is predominantly made up of academics, initially voted in favor of a motion to academically boycott Israeli institutions.
The decision was passed in the senate by a small margin of 62 in favor, 43 against, and 10 abstentions. However the UCT Council, which governs the university, blocked the boycott motion until more information and clarification on the matter could be gathered. The motion was then sent back down to the senate.

According to a university statement at the time, “the University of Cape Town Senate took a resolution in favor of a proposal for UCT to not enter into any formal relationships with Israeli academic institutions operating in the occupied Palestinian territories as well as other Israeli academic institutions enabling gross human rights violations in the occupied Palestinian territories.”

(Source: Jerusalem Post)


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