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South Africa supports Palestine’s right of independence and freedom

South Africa (QNN)- The Deputy Minister of International Relations and Co-operation in South Africa, Mr. Alvin Botes, renewed on Friday his country’s position, supporting Palestine’s right of independence and freedom.
In an opinion article, which was published on IOL website, Mr. Botes stated that “the South African government stands in solidarity with the most vulnerable, exploited and alienated people in the world”. He also stressed on his country’s support for the Palestinian cause, which “is a standpoint against injustice perpetuated against the indigenous Arab population.”

Mr. Botes stated reassured that South Africa promotes the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people, including their right to self- determination and independence.
He also called for action against the occupation state to support Palestine and the rights of the Palestinian people, who have been suffering since the Nakbah in 1948, when the occupation state was created. He also stressed on the right of Palestinian refugees of return.
Mr. Botes affirmed that South Africa supports the mandate of UNRWA and its renewal by the UN General Assembly and stressed on the important role that the agency has been doing.

“We recognise that UNRWA’s assistance is crucial for the protection, well-being and social resilience of the refugees and for the stability of these communities and their host countries, which is equally essential for preserving the prospects for peace.”



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