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IOF prepare for demolitions in Issawiya District

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An Israeli municipal crew on Wednesday stormed different neighborhoods of Silwan district, south of the Aqsa Mosque in Occupied Jerusalem, and photographed some homes, raising Palestinian fears of intents to demolish dozens of houses.

Local official Fakhri Abu Diyab said that police forces escorting municipal employees stormed, in particular, the neighborhoods of al-Bustan, Ein a-Luza, Wadi Hilweh, Wadi Yasoul, al-Thuri and Wadi al-Rababa.

In addition to photographing homes, the municipal crew was seen carrying aerial photos, maps and documents, which raised fears among the local residents of Israeli intents to carry out mass demolitions in Issawiya.

Abu Diyab voiced concern that the Israeli municipality in Jerusalem would demolish entire neighborhoods in Issawiya at the pretext of unlicenced construction in order to please the extremist Jewish groups and gain votes for the right wing.

He appealed to the international community to urgently move to prevent a new catastrophe against the Palestinians in Jerusalem, pointing out that there are about 100 housing units threatened with demolition in al-Bustan neighborhood.

(Source: Palestine Responds)


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