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Jeremy Corbyn’s loss is not the end for supporting the Palestinian cause

The ardent supporter of Palestine, Venezuela and Cuba is known for his no-nonsense attitude towards his radio hosting and politics, and has targeted “identity politics, including sexual politics,” as a means that “divides the working class.” The Labour Party’s constant pandering towards identity politics has created a split between traditional socialists and those who confuse liberal values as socialism. The Worker’s Party of Britain has made it clear that this is not a part of their ideology.
The Party’s Programme explains that “It is not ‘homophobic’ or ‘racist’ for socialists to focus their attention on those contradictions that concern the whole working class in its struggle for socialism.” With the rejections of identity politics, the Party has effectively committed itself to class politics and worker’s interests, rather than petty-bourgeois ideals permeating in the liberal-dominated population centers, especially found in southern England.
The Programme argues that hyper-capitalism has de-industrialized Britain and thus “destabilizing proud working-class traditions, culture and way of life.” The defense of traditional values will surely be popular among workers who feel that the so-called New Left has abandoned worker struggles in favor of identity politics. Among others, the promise to re-industrialize Britain will prove popular as increasing poverty and unemployment has gripped the island for nearly a decade with the Tory imposition of unnecessary austerity measures.

Most impressively for those outside of Britain is the first point of ten in the programme for workers: “An end to imperialist wars and financial domination, starting with withdrawal from Nato.” With Britain for hundreds of years being at the forefront of imperialist conquest and destablization, whether it be in Africa, Cyprus, Syria, Yemen or the Indian subcontinent, the Party aims to withdraw Britain from such destructive adventurism in favor of peace, solidarity and non-Trotskyist internationalism. For this reason, the Party unapologetically praises the efforts of the Soviet Union and the Red Army against German Nazism, defends the achievements of China and Cuba, and justifiably describes the Venezuelan people as “heroic.”

Most impressively for the local people however would be the Party’s clear stance on Brexit: respecting the wishes of the referendum voters who chose to leave the exploitative European Union.
“The Workers Party positively embraces Britain’s withdrawal from the EU. Britain needs to be free of the EU regulations that would restrict our fiscal and monetary policy and prevent Britain from taking public ownership of key utilities and transport infrastructure,” the Programme says.
Galloway claims on his MOAT’s show that he knows at a personal level that Corbyn wanted Brexit to occur, or at least in the past. It is well established that Corbyn was trapped by many within the Labour Party from carrying out the desires of the British people, which can be argued as the major reason why the Labour Party had little hope of winning the election. The Worker’s Party of Britain clear stance on Brexit demonstrates that it is taking the wishes of the British people seriously.

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