Palestinian activists condemn U.S. Military Aid to “Israel” – In Palestine Today
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Palestinian activists condemn U.S. Military Aid to “Israel”

AIPAC has just authorized $500 million for “Israel” yesterday; claiming that it will keep the safety and strength for both the USA and “Israel.”

To date, the United States has provided “Israel” money in bilateral assistance and missile defense funding. Almost all U.S. bilateral aid to “Israel” is in the form of military assistance; shared strategic goals in the Middle East; a mutual commitment to democratic values; and historical ties dating from U.S. support for the creation of “Israel” in 1948.

AIPAC is also caliming that these resources will be invested in the systems keeping “Israel” safe today, and in the R&D needed to confront new missile threats in the future. In addition, it shows the last U.S. Military Aid to “Israel.”

As a result, members of VPalestine team have expressed their anger of AIPAC’s action. They have highlighted their rights, and that they want to end the occupation now and to make “Israel” accountable for its human rights violations. Fifty years has passed without any real efforts to put pressure on “Israel,” without real international pressure.


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