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Stop supporting “Israel” military and financially

Like every person, Palestinians deserve to be free. To help get there, the U.S. must stop funding Israeli injustices and oppression now.


  • Palestinians living under the Israeli government have full equal rights and human rights;
  • Israel ends its military occupation of the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, as well as Gaza and the Golan Heights;
  • Israel ends its 12-year illegal military blockade of Gaza;
  • Israel recognizes the right of return for Palestinian refugees, as stipulated in UN resolution 194.
JVP Action believes that justice is indivisible. We build with movements and candidates who see how our futures are bound up with one another, and that our safety grows from solidarity. We fight with those who are fighting for a better, fairer, more sustainable world where justice, equality, and dignity are accorded to all people — no exceptions.

A just U.S. foreign policy that centers human rights is a key part of this. Too often, there is a gap in American progressive values, excluding Palestinians fighting for their fundamental human rights. That’s why our multiracial, intergenerational base of American Jews and allies is demanding more. We deserve elected representatives who consistently fight for the simple idea that all people — from the US to Palestine/Israel — deserve freedom.

The U.S. sends $3.8 billion dollars in military funding to Israel every year, yet U.S. politicians consistently refuse to hold Israel accountable for how it uses these funds. We cannot continue paying for the suffocation of Palestinian families living under Israel’s military blockade of Gaza; the Israeli military’s abusive arrest and detention of children across the West Bank; devastating and cruel home demolitions; extrajudicial killings; or the separate and unequal system of oppression against Palestinians living as citizens inside of Israel.

(Source: Jewish Voice for Peace)


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