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Israeli checkpoints cause long delays to the Palestinians

RAMALLAH, Saturday, December 28, 2019 (WAFA) – A flying Israeli army checkpoint on a road leading from Ramallah to several Palestinian villages northwest of Jerusalem is causing long delays, witnesses said today.
They told WAFA that the Israeli army placed a flying checkpoint on a road that connects the villages to Ramallah where more than 60,000 Palestinians live, stopping cars and inspecting papers of passengers while allowing only a ed number of cars to pass every now and then.
They said a long line of cars was seen on the road as people were complaining of intentional delays and harassment by the soldiers manning the checkpoint.
Soldiers often place flying checkpoints on West Bank roads leading to Palestinian villages and conduct a slow and thorough check of civilians travelling these roads.
People regularly report abuse and mistreatment by the soldiers, who seem to intentionally seek to humiliate the defenseless Palestinian population living under the Israeli military occupation.

Source: Wafa News.


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