“Israel” will place 6 Palestinians from east Jerusalem under nighttime house arrest for several months

The Israeli occupation army’s home front command has notified six Palestinian young men from Issawiya district in east Jerusalem of its intention to place them under nighttime house arrest for several months.

According to Haaretz website, the decision an unusual step to use British Mandate-era emergency regulations against local residents in an area occupied by Israel.

Since Israel, an occupying power, claim that east Jerusalem falls under its sovereignty, the Israeli police in Jerusalem are customarily known for carrying out different security measures, including placing local residents under house arrests, but such rare military order can be considered an admission that east Jerusalem is under Israeli occupation.

Haaretz said “the injunctions employed in this case give extensive authority to military commanders, and are generally used for demolitions and detention without trial almost exclusively in the West Bank,” rather than within territory claimed by Israel as under its sovereignty.

The home front command’s action to serve those young men with administrative injunctions over “sensitive information” about their alleged violent activities comes amid an ongoing Israeli police campaign in Issawiya, which recently led to the arrest of over 600 residents.

Source: PIC.

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