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Israeli torture against Palestinian prisoners

The prisoner Ismat Hasan Shawawreh (33 years old) revealed details about torture practiced by the Israelis against Palestinian prisoners during arrest and interrogation.

Israeli forces arrested Shawawreh after breaking into his house in Ramallah and exploding its door on November 18, 2019. After that, he was sent to Maskubiyyeh interrogation center in western Jerusalem.

The Committee of Prisoners and Former Prisoners said in a statement issued on Sunday that Shawawreh had been held in Maskubiyyeh center for 28 days, in which he was subjected to torture techniques like beating and Shabeh. Israeli interrogators brutally beat him on a previous surgical wound on his back, causing it to bleed.

The committee stated that most Palestinian prisoners are subjected to physical torture during arrest and interrogation.

The statement added that the occupation state broadened the scope of torture and used it as a revenge tool, which aims at humiliating Palestinian prisoners in order to get their confessions. In several cases, “exceptional” torture techniques were used by the Israelis, leaving prisoners with permanent disabilities.

(Source: Quds News Network)


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