Israeli occupation authorities gave 1% of Palestinians building license to build on C area

 Israeli occupation authorities gave 1% of Palestinians building license to build on C area of occupied West Bank during the two years (2016-2018), Hebrew sources reported.

C area constitutes 60% of occupied West Bank lands, that under Israel sovereignty according to Oslo agreement that signed in 1993 between Palestinian Liberation Organization and Israeli occupation.   

According to Haaretz, Palestinians has submitted 1.485 requests for a building permit in Area C of the West Bank, between 2016 and 2018.

However, Israeli civil administration approved just 21 requests that constitutes 1% of the total number.   

Meanwhile, statics of Israeli civil administration revealed that about 1.147 notices of demolition were issued against Palestinian buildings in C area under the pretext of unlicensed buildings.   

Israeli civil administration claimed that it had issued about 56 building license for Palestinians, but 35 of these  license were not submitted by Palestinians, otherwise they are part of the plan of the Jahalin tribe in Khan al-Ahmar, east of Jerusalem, who live near the settlement of Ma’aleh Adumim, to the al-Jabal al-Gharbi neighborhood near al-Eizariya.

These permits were not applied. Therefore, the final data on the percentage of requests submitted by Palestinians compared to what was approved, is much lower, according to the newspaper.

From 2000 until 2018, the Palestinians submitted 6,532 applications for a building permit in Area C, and only 210 of them were approved, that constitutes 3.2 % of the applications, according to Haaretz.

One of the main problems of the reality of planning in Area C, is the small number of structural maps of the Palestinian villages, which allow planning for construction and granting permits, where they need approval from the Israeli political level, the paper stated.

Of the 240 Palestinian villages that are fully defined as part of Area C, only 27 villages have approved structural charts.

The area in which Palestinians can legally build within the framework of approved maps, that are essentially aimed at restricting development, is 0.5 % of Area C, while the area of settlement maps is about 26 %.

The lawyer Qamar Asaad of Haqel organization that specialized in land law in the West Bank, believes that the problem is with the lack of planning for the Palestinians.

 She said that Palestinians are not represented in the planning committees, and the maps prepared by the Palestinian councils are not being submitted and approved, and Israel is not interested in planning and permits are not enough.

She added that Israeli planning authorities systematically refuse, contrary to their obligation, to grant building permits or to regulate construction in the West Bank, and in fact, deliberately prevent any possibility of legal Palestinian construction in this area.

International community considers C area as a part of occupied Palestinian lands and the state of Palestine. It also considers Israeli settlements illegal under Fourth Geneva Convention, which prohibits the occupying power from transferring Israelis to the occupied territories.

(Source: Alray)