Palestinians must stay united against the Israeli annexation in the Jordan Valley

The Trump deal announced is not a peace deal, but a war against the Palestinian people and their private property. This is the truth because the lands to be annexed are private lands for the Palestinians, and there are papers and evidence of ownership.
A large part of the land is cultivated in the winter, where the part of it that has access to water is being cultivated with vegetables and fruits. Also, a big part of it is used to raise animals such as cows and sheep because the occupation prevents the Palestinians from accessing water.
The area of ​​these lands reaches 60% of the area of ​​the West Bank and 30% of the Jordan Valley. Which have the large water sources such as the Jordan River, the Dead Sea and groundwater, and it contributes heavily to our economy. In addition, the Jordan Valley is the only border we have with Arab countries.Trump’s plan kills any hope left for the peace process and makes it impossible for a Palestinian state to see the light.

By implementing this plan, Trump and Netanyahu will win the upcoming elections, and Netanyahu will evade the corruption cases filed against him and his policy of initiating war against civilians.
We are escalating the activities that refuse annexation and land theft in the Jordan Valley, last Wednesday and today there were hundreds of Palestinians and internationals who broke through military checkpoints and cultivated lands which are classified as closed military zones. Hundreds of Israeli soldiers were in the Jordan Valley and checkpoints to prevent the Palestinians from reaching their land, but we succeeded in cultivating the land, which is a message that we will not leave our land, we will fight till the end.

Source: Jordan Valley Solidarity

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