Palestinian children imprisoned at Israel’s Damon jail live in miserable conditions

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- The Palestinian Prisoners’ Club said Sunday that Palestinian children, imprisoned at Israel’s Damon jail, are living miserable conditions.
The children sleep inside very dirty blankets. Their cells are infested with cockroaches and insects as well. They also suffer from very poor-quality food and yellowish water, which has a very bad smell.
The NGO added that the bathrooms of the jail are open-ish and that the children rarely get the chance to shower, either because the water is too cold or because of the lack of water. The children use their blankets as curtains when they use the bathrooms.

It also stated that the children were repressed, beaten, and handcuffed for several hours.
“Their hands have become blackish after being handcuffed with plastic handcuffs for very long periods”, a witness stated.
The NGO added that most children are sick and suffer from flu and severe coughing but the Israelis only give them painkillers.


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