Heavily-armed Israeli policemen broke into kindergarten looking for ‘weapons’! – In Palestine Today

Heavily-armed Israeli policemen broke into kindergarten looking for ‘weapons’!

Tayibe (QNN)- Large numbers of heavily-armed Israeli policemen on Monday broke into Baida’a AthThalj kindergarten in the city of Tayibe in the land occupied in 1948 and searched children’s bags, spreading fear among the children, reported Arab 48.

The Israeli raid comes a few days after breaking into a school in occupied Acre and taking a 9-year-old girl for interrogation.

The Israelis searched the bags of all children despite trials by teachers to prevent them.

The police claimed that it was looking for weapons inside the children’s bags.

Rabab Oweidah, a teacher in the kindergarten, told Arab 48 that she “was very concerned about the children, who seemed very scared and shocked.”

“I tried very hard to prevent them from breaking into the kindergarten but they insisted. I told them that they are only children and that they will be scared. I suggested that they search every surrounding house until the children leave to their homes then they come back to search the kindergarten but they refused. The situation was out of the ordinary”, she said.

“They would never do that to their children”, Oweidah added. “However, they treat us as if we were criminals. This is how they think. I’ve never seen such thing in my whole life.”

Saja Jaber, a mother of two children who happened to be in the kindergarten during the Israeli raid, told Arab 48 “I was running and I was very shocked of the huge number of the policemen, who broke into the kindergarten. I did not know what was happening at the beginning but I was scared.”

“I tried to prevent them from searching my son but they insisted and shamelessly said that they will search every single child and anyone entering or leaving the kindergarten. I told them that they were scaring the children but they didn’t care!”

“My son didn’t understand what was going on but my daughter did and she was very scared telling me all the details”, she said.

In another context, An Nas radio revealed that Israeli policemen broke into an Arabic school in Acre on Thursday and took a 9-year-old girl for interrogation.

Surveillance camera shows Israeli policemen breaking into Bayda’a Ath Thalj kindergarten to seach children’s bags for weapons. [Credit: Arab 48]



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