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The Return is My Right and My Decision!

The right of return is a core demand of the Palestinian struggle for justice. Palestinians around the world give voice to this demand at protests, in campaigns, in art and in songs.

In 1948, Israel declared itself a state. In the process, over 750,000 Palestinians were forcibly displaced, exiled or forced to flee from violence inflicted by militias, which later became the Israeli military.

Palestinians are now scattered around the globe. Over 7 million are refugees, living in camps in Palestine, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. Others live outside refugee camps in countries around the world.

The “Return is My Right and My Decision” campaign is a voluntary, grassroots initiative launched by the Palestinian Return Center in London in cooperation with the Palestine International Forum for Communication, and in partnership with the Parliamentary Committee of Palestine, in addition to supporters from dozens of institutions and events around the world. The campaign aims to deliver the Palestinians ’voice to the United Nations by submitting a petition containing one million signatures, affirming the right of Palestinian refugees to return to the homes from which they were forcibly displaced.

The campaign invited to sign the petition through this link:

Supporting the Palestinian right of return is a responsibility for solidarity movements. Supporting this right means supporting accountability and justice.


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