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Israeli occupation police kidnap a Palestinian man, assault his wife

The Israeli occupation police on Monday evening kidnaped a Jerusalemite citizen after violently storming his house in the Ras al-Amud neighborhood of Silwan district, southeast of the Old City, and physically assaulting him and his wife.

Zuhour, the wife of Jawdat Abu Snaineh, said her husband was badly injured in his face and head after police officer severely beat him inside the house.

She explained that a large number of police forces barged into their house and physically assaulted her after she opened the door to them a few minutes after her husband left for the grocery store to buy something.

The moment her husband arrived home, she said, police officers detained her in a room and then savagely attacked and subdued him before hauling him away in handcuffs to the Moskobiya detention center.

She added that around 30 male and female officers ransacked the house before taking her husband away.

The wife also said she would have to go to hospital for medical assistance because she felt sharp pains in her body following the police assault.

The Israeli police summoned her husband Jawdat two days ago to the Moskobiya center and let him go after questioning him for several hours.

Their son Malek Abu Sneineh has been in detention at the Moskobiya center for over two weeks, pending a court hearing next Thursday.

They also have another son called Anas in jail, serving a five-year term.

Source: PIC


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