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“Israel” is holding 43 Palestinian women in its jails

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- The occupation state is holding 43 Palestinian women in its jails, according to a statement issued by the Palestinian Prisoners Club to mark Women’s Day.
Shorouq Dwayyat from east Jerusalem and Shatila Abu Ayyad from the land occupied in 1948 have the highest jail sentence among female prisoners, as they both serve jail times of 16 years for each.
The prisoners include 16 mothers, some of them are mothers of martyrs, whose children were killed by the Israelis.
Four female prisoners are arrested under administrative detention and 8 were wounded during their arrest. The oldest-serving female prisoner is Amal Taqatqa from Bethlehem. She was arrested on December 1, 2014, and serves a 7-year sentence.

The Prisoners Club said in a statement, issued on Saturday marking the International women’s Day, that the first female prisoner in Palestine was Fatima Barnawi from Jerusalem, who was arrested in 1967 and sentenced for a lifetime, but she was freed in 1977.
The statement added that the occupation state has arrested over 16,000 Palestinian women since 1967.
It also stated that female prisoners are being subjected to torture. The Israeli torture starts from the moment they get arrested from their houses until interrogation sessions and being jailed.

Reports by human rights organizations and witnesses confirm that female prisoners get shot during their arrest. They are also subjected to strip searches, Shabeh, sleep deprivation, blackmail, denial of lawyers and family visits, beating, and punitive measures against their families.



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