Hundreds of Israeli settlers storm Ramallah village – In Palestine Today

Hundreds of Israeli settlers storm Ramallah village

Hordes of Israeli settlers on Friday raided Ein Bubin, a natural spring in Deir Ibzi village west of Ramallah City.

Head of the Deir Ibzi village council Naim Ja’wan said that in the early morning hours of Friday a number of buses carrying hundreds of Israeli settlers entered the village and stormed Ein Bubin site.

The Israeli occupation army later announced the place a closed military zone, he added.

A week ago an Israeli settler was killed and two others were injured when a bomb exploded near Ein Bubin.

The Israeli forces ever since have imposed a blockade on the western villages of Ramallah and closed main roads forcing about 60,000 Palestinian residents to take longer alternative roads.

_The Palestinian Information Center.

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