Activists take action and participate in the Twitter campaign #SaveGazaFromCorona – In Palestine Today
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Activists take action and participate in the Twitter campaign #SaveGazaFromCorona

Palestine, 9 April, 2020.( In Palestine Today) Palestinian activists take action and participate in the Twitter campaign to support the besieged Gaza Strip and ask the world to #SaveGazaFromCorona, yesterday.

For years, international organizations and Palestinian officials have warned that the Gaza Strip was verging on a humanitarian meltdown. “Israel” imposes restrictions on Gaza that limit border crossings to several thousand people per month, which explains the delayed arrival of the virus in the territory. It was first detected 3 months ago, when officials said that the first two cases of COVID-19 were workers who returned to the enclave from Egypt via the Rafah crossing. The government in Gaza had already begun work on a field isolation center on the southern border, reportedly with 500 rooms. Currently, some 1,500 people are staying in quarantine facilities around the Gaza Strip and another 1,200 are in quarantine at home, according to the Gaza health ministry.

But the territory lacks the basic resources required to fight an outbreak: There are only about 70 intensive care unit beds and about 50 ventilators in Gaza—many of which are in disrepair. Israel has sent about 200 virus testing kits and the United Nations has supplied another 1,000. Gaza’s hospitals lack protective gear and cleaning materials. Other grim statistics compound the problem: More than half of Gazans live under the poverty rate, and just one in 10 households has direct access to safe water. Much of Gaza’s sewage spills untreated into the sea or flows into Israel. Electricity cuts are part of everyday life.

Yesterday, activists called for foreign assistance and threatened that “Israel” would “bear the consequences” in the case of an outbreak.

Here are some of their tweets:


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